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Do you know what is lurking behind the closed doors?


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So tell me, when was the last time you ventured in to the dark depths of your wardrobe?

Seriously you couldn’t have missed the cries of the ten thousand black t-shirts- still with price tags- stuffed back in there, because you thought it might be a good deal at the time (I’m talking about 5 for the price of 3 ladies).

About up to two years back, every day had been an “add to cart” kinda day for me but also “nothing good to wear” kinda day as well.

At the same time before I graduated even, I landed my first real job! And that was as a project manager. So one of the first things that came to my mind was “you work with people now, you need to make a good impression, and what better point to start than the wardrobe”

So I took the brave decision of venturing inside my cupboard, pushed away the all-time comfort pieces and took a sneak peek inside and started pulling things out.

I wasn’t expecting what hit me, although there were a lot to discover, it definitely wasn’t Aladdin’s treasure trove.

First came the too tight/ too baggy/ too luminous/ not my color, wth was I thinking t-shirts. Then all the “smart” decisions I took for the past few years stared right at me. The time I thought I could carry off printed material,s band logo t-shirt phase, this will take away all my problems clothes, walking towards my crush clothes, the jeans I decided to buy cause Taylor swift wore something similar, the ones for my imaginary, some day parties. and oh I could go on.

Monster of bad, impulsive decisions was what lurked there!


God I’m an addict, with a stash! that is what first came in to my mind.

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Fixing it

First I took out everything that was in the wardrobe and sorted them to three categories.

1. Clothes I wear frequently

2. Clothes I have worn on certain occasions

3. Clothes still with tags on

The clothes that still had the tags on were removed then and there — except for couple of party wear items- for donations and also gifting purposes (shuuush). If I haven’t worn them by now, there was a very low chance of that tags ever seen a recycling bin, so I decided to not take that chance.

Then the clothes I wear religiously, I checked them for any wears and tares, and boy there were plenty! If you ever decide to do this make sure, to go to a place with plenty of sunlight (strictly not for any vampys), kind of like how you would do your makeup. That is how you best spot all the cat hair, missing buttons, faded spots and pulled threads. Anything you can’t recover get rid of it.

Now I do realize, you could be really emotionally attached to some of these clothes (happens to the best of us), so allow your-self to keep around 2–3 articles of that sort and put a brave face on and bid adieu to the rest.

From the clothes I have worn on certain occasions, I filtered out basic pieces, the articles that you can pair with many types of tops or bottoms and came up with around 32 outfits together with the salvaged comfort pieces.

The whole process took around 3 days in total, after starting with a several items without a purpose or a previous use, I was able to be the proud owner of 30+ “new” outfits, that actually looked good on me and each one I have worn at least thrice by now.

So ladies and gentlemen of course, let’s venture in to the depths of our closest and re-discover ourselves!! (no pun intended :D)

Sudhara Vinodhi for Absolute

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